Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Motivating Employee Volunteerism During Tough Economic Times

We at AngelPoints are pleased to help spread the word about a very timely research project by LBG Associates and the LBG Research Institute and invite your company to participate:


In these tighter times, many companies are viewing employee volunteerism as a cost-effective way to continue to make an impact in their communities.

But how motivated are employees to volunteer right now?

There’s an urgent need to help companies make crucial decisions about ways to bring their volunteer programs more in line with today’s economic realities -- and employees’ needs and desires. A new research study from LBG Associates and LBG Research Institute is designed to provide that help, by answering the following questions:

  • Are employees more driven to volunteer during this recession, or are they so depressed that they are in a state of inertia?
  • Are employees not using workday-based programs, such as skills-based, pro bono, or paid time off, for fear of losing their jobs?
  • How are companies successfully motivating employees to volunteer during these tough times?

LBG’s new survey is unique in that it will include both the voice of the employee volunteer manager and the employee. By comparing research from both groups, this study will provide a much needed and robust view of today’s volunteering landscape.

How can you help? Participate and/or sponsor!

Participation involves answering a short online survey and providing access to employees for their input.

And LBG is offering highly affordable sponsorship levels! For more information, please call Linda Gornitsky at 203-325-3154.


Sign up to participate and sponsor and receive the full study:

Sign up to participate and receive the executive summary of the report:

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