Friday, April 10, 2009

New Enhancements and Upcoming Tab Changes

Two significant changes have been made to the tabs on the top of your AngelPoints user interface. These changes will take effect with the next release of AngelPoints early next week.

First, the name of the About tab will be configurable, allowing you to rename the tab to be more reflective of your program. If you would like to change the name of this tab on your site, please contact your Account Manager.

Second, because comprehensive Help is now available from the link on the upper right of your site, the Support tab has been renamed FAQs, and will now be available from the footer of your site rather than the tab area. You can still provide custom content to your FAQs page as before; however, you may also opt to remove this page entirely from your site if you find that you do not use FAQs or if you prefer to provide Q & A about your program on your About page. To remove the FAQs link and page from your site, contact your Account Manager.

Google Maps Now Used for Driving Directions

Driving Directions on the Event Details page now link to Google Maps rather than Yahoo Maps. In addition to driving directions, Google Maps also provide public transportation and walking directions where available.
Site Configurable? No, Google Maps are now used on all client sites.

Schools and Universities Added to the Organizations Database
All public schools and universities have been added to the Organizations database. This information comes from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, respectively.
Site Configurable? No, public school and university data has been added for all clients.

Coming Soon! Ideas Portal Implementation
We're excited to pre-announce our next Ideas Portal implementation. Later this month, we will be providing a checkbox to copy event managers on email sent using the Contact Roster feature. Thank you to the clients who suggested and voted for this helpful feature.

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