Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monthly Training Sessions and Other Updates from AngelPoints

New Monthly Training Sessions

AngelPoints Customer Support will be offering free scheduled online training sessions twice per month to clients beginning in May. The first session each month is intended for those just starting out with AngelPoints (or who need a refresher), and the second will offer a more advanced look at the functionality as well as a training on new features. Trainings will be an hour in length, including time for questions.

AngelPoints Training: Session 1

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 8:00 a.m. PDT

Description: In this session, you will receive an overview of the AngelPoints site, including features and functions on the Home page, My Page, and the About page. In addition, the purpose and use of each AngelPoints report will be discussed. Finally, you will learn about the different event types supported by AngelPoints, and how to:

  • Create events and flexible opportunities
  • Manage events
  • Use the monthly calendar
  • Use the File Manager
  • Validate hours

To sign up for Session 1, visit:

AngelPoints Training: Session 2

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. PDT

Description: Topics covered in this session include:

  • Advanced training on creating and managing events
  • Best practices for adding and editing content
  • Advanced training on AngelPoints reports, including running each report, how to interpret results, and tips for using filters
  • Training on new features

To sign up for Session 2, visit:

Option to Email a New User When an Account is Created

When adding a new user to AngelPoints on the Add New User page, you can now opt whether to automatically email login information to the user.

Site Configurable? No, this feature is enabled for all clients.

My Upcoming Events List

Your upcoming events list, found on the My Page tab, now includes events you've signed up for that take place more than six months from the current date.

Site Configurable? No, this feature is enabled for all clients.

Ability to Hide Event Discussion

The Event Discussion feature is now site configurable. By default, Event Discussion is enabled for all clients. To turn off this feature on your site, contact your Account Manager.

Site Configurable? Yes, please contact your Account Manager if you would like to enable this feature.

Removing Yourself, Friends, and Family from the Event Roster

If you need to cancel your participation from an event, any friends and family that you signed up to attend with you will now automatically be removed from the roster.

Site Configurable? No, this feature is enabled for all clients.

Site Content Improvements

The content on the landing page for new users has been revised to provide clearer steps for getting started with the site. In addition, the headings on the Create Event and Post Flexible Opportunity pages have been revised to be shorter and more direct.

Site Configurable? No, these content changes have been made on all client sites.

Flexible Opportunities

It is no longer required to associate a group when you create a flexible opportunity.

Site Configurable? Yes, contact your Account Manager if you would like to make it optional to associate a group with a flexible opportunity.

Board Membership Report Available to Group Managers

Group Managers now have the ability to view and download the Board Membership report. This report will display membership information for all groups managed by the Group Manager.

Site Configurable? No, this feature is enabled for all clients.

Emailing Event Managers Through the Contact Roster Feature

An Ideas Portal request has been added to the Contact Roster feature. A checkbox is now available on the Contact Roster page to copy event managers on email sent using this feature. Thank you to the clients who suggested and voted for this!

Site Configurable? No, this feature is enabled for all clients.

Tips and Tricks Added to Blog, Help Site

Did you know that the AngelPoints blog and Help site now contain tips for using AngelPoints? Many of you have already benefited from Peter Clay's best practices on the phone; now he's providing his expert advice online. To make sure that you get the latest, add the AngelPoints blog to your RSS feed or regularly check the Tips and Tricks section in your Help site (in AngelPoints, click Help, then click Extras and Examples in the Contents list to get to Tips and Tricks).

You can also get the latest release notes on the Help site (with links to related topics). To do so, click AngelPoints Help in the Contents list, and then click Release Notes.

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