Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Validating Hours Just Got Easier, Other Updates from AngelPoints

AngelPoints' redesigned Validate Activity Hours page now makes it easier for you to find and approve hours for your volunteers. Date search options have been moved to the top of the page, an option to search by groups has also been added, and new tabs make it easier and faster for you to manage Pending, Approved, and Denied hours.

Additional improvements indicate a reordering of the columns to be more intuitive and an indication of which hours were volunteered by Friends and Family. We also now display where the organization came from (whether it was from the IRS database, was a Write-In, or came from another source).

Site Configurable? No, this feature is now enabled for all AngelPoints clients.

Event Reminders and Follow-Up Emails - You're in Control
Managers now have the capability to specify whether they'd like to send event reminders and event follow-up emails for each event they manage.

Site Configurable? Yes, please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in turning on this feature.

Events Report Download Now Includes Event Manager Email Addresses
We'd like to thank one of our AngelPoints users for using the Ideas Portal to suggest that we add event manager email addresses to the downloadable Events Report. This idea has now been added!

Site Configurable? No, this feature is now enabled for all AngelPoints clients.

Note: The product changes described in this post apply only to AngelPoints Version 2. If a feature is listed as site configurable, please contact your account manager to enable it for your site.

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