Friday, May 22, 2009

The power of video and music

I recently saw a commercial that reminded me why we do what we do at AngelPoints. It was a series of clips depicting people in the act of helping others set to the Jackson Five song, "I'll be there." My wife and I got choked up watching it.

We at AngelPoints work tirelessly to build the best technology platform we can so that our clients can more easily engage their employees and customers in good deeds -- activities that strengthen communities, build a better corporate culture and improve lives. Unfortunately, sometimes we lose sight of the magic -- the emotion and power that results when people give of themselves to others. The AngelPoints platform enables and keeps track of hundreds of thousands of selfless acts around the globe every day. And yet those of us who work here and, quite frankly, those who control budgets for employee community engagement, too often only see these acts as so many data points, a handful of charts and graphs devoid of human emotion.

What we need, perhaps, is a healthy dose of Hollywood, a roaming film crew that travels from town to town capturing employees in the act, producing short films like the State Farm commercial. How great it would be to see the looks on peoples' faces, to be reminded before we go home at the end of the day of the powerful emotions and pride community engagement creates. We could even send these videos to CEOs and EVPs of HR, who would never again cut volunteer programs from their budgets for risk of extinguishing the very heart and soul of their company.

So, here's an open invitation to all aspiring photographers and film makers out there to send us your footage. We want to see and hear what you're doing. We may even launch a competition if people are interested...

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