Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Customization Options

The latest update to AngelPoints includes several new customization options:

Viewing Lifetime Hours
Motivate your top volunteers by showing them how much impact they've made. You can now opt to display lifetime volunteer hours on the dashboard.

Site Configurable? Yes, please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature.

Customizing Login Error Messages
You can now provide customized messages for user login errors. Error messages are displayed when users enter an incorrect user name or password, when they have one more attempt at logging in before they are locked out of the system, and when their account has been locked due to too many failed login attempts.

Site Configurable? Yes. If would like to change the default error messages provided by AngelPoints, please contact your Account Manager.

Customizing CRA Help Text
We have added rollover help to the Create Event page for clients using the CRA module. When you hover your mouse over the help icon next to the CRA Eligible checkbox, text is displayed to help your volunteer program managers better determine whether to use the CRA Survey as part of the event screening process. If you would like to customize this message to be more specific to your program, you can do so on the Manage > Setup > Content page.

Site Configurable? No. The help rollover on the Create Event page now defaults to on for clients using the CRA module and you can customize the text..

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